By the glass


We are thrilled to introduce you to

By The Glass at Montecito!

By The Glass at Montecito celebrates the unabashed enjoyment of wine.
Are you new to the world of wine and curious? Awesome, let’s find you something cool!
Are you a seasoned pro? Have a look and choose your own adventure…or just relax and let us take over.
Are you for whom wine is a hobby, but not a nerdy pursuit? Nice! Get ready to have some fun. 
No pretence, no douche-baggery and the first one to say medium minus buys Champagne for the room. 

Upstairs at By The Glass, we are thrilled to offer our entire bottle list at a set markup of $30. Yup. On everything. All the time.

Bring your friends and let’s travel the world together, one glass at a time.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, explore an ever evolving wine program from around the world (and from our own backyard) featuring wines that put deliciousness first. 

We can’t wait to see you all there!
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For More Information: 416.599.0299