Welcome to By the glass at Montecito!


Upstairs at By The Glass, we are thrilled to offer our entire bottle list at a set markup of only $30.

Yup. On everything. All the time.

Are you new to the world of wine and curious? Awesome, let’s find you something cool!
Are you a seasoned pro? Have a look and choose your own adventure…or just relax and let us take over.
Are you for whom wine is a hobby, but not a nerdy pursuit? Nice! Get ready to have some fun. 
No pretence, no douche-baggery and the first one to say medium minus buys Champagne for the room. 

Bring your friends and let’s travel the world together, one glass at a time.

We can’t wait to see you all there!
Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings starting at 5pm.

#ByTheGlass #BTGMontecito

For More Information: 416.599.0299